Jean Sloane – Head of Marketing and Menu Lead

A good media strategy has always been a massive challenge for Ocean Basket. We have a broad target market with limited funds. As a franchise operation, there are many stakeholders that have different needs and beliefs on how to reach their respective target markets.

Along came Owen and Leigh. I don’t think it is coincidental that their business is called Intimedia. They make it a priority to intimately get to know your business – the challenges you face and the objectives you are trying to achieve. They have incredible knowledge of the total media landscape supported by exceptional relationships with media owners.

I am always amazed by their innovative and well considered proposals. We have improved our efficiencies dramatically; there is no doubt that our money is working harder to reach the right people in a relevant way. They have recently taken over our digital buying – in this area they have proven to be thought leaders. Intimedia lead our creative process – before any creative brief is done, they give insights and advise on the correct way to achieve our objective

Working with Leigh and Owen is an absolute pleasure. They are experienced and passionate. They are personally involved in our business and any question is a phone call away.

Personally, I have never worked with a better and more pleasant media agency. They are true business partners


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